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API Management White Paper

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across the globe. In response to the new trend, how does an API strategy bring new business models to enterprises? The “digiRunner White Paper” will explore diverse aspects from the API ecosystem to enterprise applications, providing valuable insights into API management.

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digiRunner API Management White Paper
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In this whitepaper, you will learn:
  • The imperativeness of API management: critical API strategies to adopt
  • How API management platform fits your API usage needs
  • How API management platform drives corporate communication and innovation
Wanna keep up with the latest API management trends? Download the white paper for free!
About digiRunner
digiRunner is an enterprise-level API management platform 100% compliant with OpenAPI Specification (OAS). It connects existing APIs and supports multiple API formats, providing complete API lifecycle management tools. digiRunner facilitates information security management, monitoring management, access and authority control, transaction security management, and big data processing with varied analysis reports, ensuring hassle-free and efficient API management.

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