Log Management FAQ

Log Management FAQ Part 1: Implementation Settings Access Control Q: Can we configure different levels of access to use digiLogs for employees with “different job levels” and “different job functions”? A: Yes, digiLogs allows “roles-based” access settings, which classify users into groups based on roles for access control. For example, when creating users, users can […]

Log Management Scenarios

Logs Management Scenarios In the Logs management scenarios, you can find out the requirement cases of the 12 functions that are normally managed by the Logs management in your organization from three main aspects (build configuration, monitoring, and search). These scenario demonstrations can serve a role to better assist the enterprise in applying these scenarios […]

digiLogs Log Management White Paper

Leveraging Log Data for Business Insights One-Stop Log Management White Paper Log management strategies have emerged as the key drivers for enterprises in response to digitalization as a global trend. Addressing log management challenges should be the top priority of enterprises. The “digiLogs One-Stop Log Management White Paper” will delve into the role of log […]